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Year 2 Anti-Bullying

Year 2

Year 2 have been preparing for Anti-Bullying Week by watching Show and Tell, a wonderful film produced within the school by Andrew, one of our previous teachers. The film was shot on location within the school, and features the pupils acting out the story of a young girl being bullied. There is a very powerful and strong message in the film, putting across the point that you must tell an adult if you are being bullied. We show this film each year at Michael Faraday as part of Anti-Bullying Week, to let the children know that bullying is not tolerated in our school.

Year 2 have started some literacy work, thinking about what it must feel like to be bullied. You can listen to some of the ideas in the podcast below. The whole school will be addressing the idea of anti-bullying next week. We will be staging a whole school assembly, to help put across the central message of don’t suffer in silence.




  • hey i hate bullying it is not very nice at all so if you are a bully and you read this please just stop bullying!

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