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Year 3 Fantasy Island Video

All of the children in Year 3 are greatly looking forward to their prestigious performance at the nearby Blue Elephant Theatre next week. We have been working with the esteemed composer, John Webb, on our own musical production throughout the term. Year 3 have developed their own story called Paradise Island. With the expert musical knowledge from John and his team, we have worked as a team to help compose the music as well.

Paradise Island tells the story of how a Forest is being destroyed, with all the trees being cut down. The animals and dinosaurs on the island help to restore the environment to a peaceful and happy place to live. The dress rehearsal for the Year 3 performance is taking place this week. The performance itself is at 2pm on the 11th December at the Blue Elephant Theatre. All family and friends of our Year 3 children are of course invited to come along and support the school. You can watch three of our young performers explaining more about the wonderful project in the video above.

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