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Year 4 WW2 Topic

Year 4

As part of our World War 2 topic, Year 4 have been watching and working on the Spywatch film. “The story is all about a boy from London who is evacuated to the countryside during the war,” Carol told us “He lives with his Aunt, close to another friend who has been evacuated. The children suspect that one of the ladies in the village is a spy for the Germans. The film is all about how they try and tell the adults about this.”

We have followed this work up in our literacy books by comparing the lives of children living during World War 2, and our own lives at Michael Faraday. We have been finding out how some types of food were rationed – cheese, eggs and even chocolate! The children have also been learning about some of the games that World War 2 children would have played. We have written our own Chad designs in our books.

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