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Year 3 Maths Podcast

Year 3

Year 3 have started the new term at Michael Faraday by going straight into some mental maths! This is a key part of our numeracy work, enabling the children to think of strategies within their head to solve various number problems. We have started off with addition and subtraction. We allowed the children at first the use of a number grid to help them try and think of some methods for mental maths. We then put this into practise, starting off with two digit numbers, and then progressing to three digits. This is a theme that we will return to throughout the autumn term, to help each child be able to think mentally within their maths work. You can listen to some of the strategies used by our eager young mathematicians in the podcast below.


Both Year 3 classes have also greatly benefited from a trip to the wonderful nearby Cuming Museum. As part of our science work, the children are learning about the properties of different materials. We took part in a fantastic workshop, which helped us to identify different properties. We have also been learning about where different materials come from and how they are made. This work will be followed up in class with a series of experiments involving the materials that we have been learning about.

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