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Year 2 Cornish Pen Pals

Year 2

Year 2 are thrilled at having made connections with our friends from Kennal Vale School down in Cornwall. We have put in place a pen pal project, with the aim of sharing information about life in a rural setting, and life in a London school. Each pupil from Year 2 has been paired up with a class member from Kennal Vale. We were delighted when the postman delivered a rather large envelope full of letters to Michael Faraday this week!

In return, we have been busy writing our replies in Year 2. We have used our literacy time to think about what information our pen pals might like to know about. This might include where we live, our favourite food and our favourite games. Individual letters have been written, as well as a special Michael Faraday Year 2 Easter card, which is now on it’s way down to Cornwall. You can catch up with all the pen pal news in the podcast below.


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