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Year 3 Poetry Video

Year 3

We have been combining our literacy with drama and music in Year 3 for the start of the new school year. The children have been reading the poem The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. This is a very descriptive piece that allows the reader to think of many different sounds and images. Having studied the poem in great detail, Year 3 then came up with some ideas as to how the poem might sound if there was no words. We wanted to come up with sounds that might be substituted for the many adjectives that can be found in the piece. We first started off using no instruments, part from our own voices and imagination. We then progressed to adding in some percussion. As you can see from both videos below, Year 3 have been able to put across the images found in The Iron Man through the use of sound.

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    This school is and has been the finest school i have ever known ,

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