We have received a number of enquiries recently concerning the admissions procedure for Michael Faraday School. Please note that there is a different procedure for admission to the Nursery and the Reception class.

Nursery Admission

The school is responsible for Nursery admissions but, in awarding places we follow the same guidelines used by Southwark. We also have the same procedures for over-subscription (see below).

You may apply for a nursery place from when your child becomes two. Children will begin Nursery in September and will turn four during that academic year ie between 1st September and 31 July the following year (See Michael Faraday Primary School Admissions Information for relevant dates/dates of birth).

If you would like to apply for a place in the school’s Nursery, please make sure you have completed a Nursery Admission Form, available from the school office. For September entry an application should be received by the end of the spring term that year ie before the Easter holidays.

Reception Admission

If you are applying for a place in Reception then you must complete a Common Application Form (CAF). These are available from the Local Education Authority. You can download a copy of the CAF here, or by calling 020 7525 5337.

Please remember that Michael Faraday School is always heavily over-subscribed. Late admissions cannot be considered. Reception places are allocated by the Local Education Authority, and not by the school.

Even if you currently have a child already in the school Nursery, you still must complete a CAF form for admission to Reception as a school place is not guaranteed. You may find the following files useful:

Admissions Start Dates [Word]

Nursery Admissions [Word]