Welcome to Michael Faraday Primary School


Welcome to the Michael Faraday School website. We aim to provide all our children with a first class education and we want them to enjoy and love learning. We hope our website will give you a flavour of the wide range of activities our children take part in during their time with us.

Starting school is a very important time for children and parents. A happy and successful school life plays an important part in a child’s development into an independent and autonomous adult equipped with all the skills and understanding needed to become confident and competent adults.

We recognise the importance of working closely with our families to support children’s learning and our staff are always happy to talk to parents if there are any questions you would like to discuss.

Some more information about our school…

Michael Faraday is a Primary school situated on the Aylesbury Estate in the heart of Walworth, SE17. It is a mixed school with over 350 pupils, ranging from 3-11 years. The school is named after the famous chemist and physicist. Michael Faraday had links to the local area, being born in Newington Butts.

We have a Nursery and a Reception class, plus two classes per year group from Year 1 to Year 6. Class sizes are kept deliberately small. The school has a policy of employing support staff throughout each year group, meaning that all children can receive specialist adult support at all times.

Teaching starts promptly at 9am. Morning break is taken at 10:45. Key Stage 1 lunch starts at midday, with Key Stage 2 following at 12:15. We encourage our children to eat our excellent school meals prepared on the premises. Michael Faraday has a Healthy School status. The school day ends at 3:15pm.

The school recently underwent an Ofsted inspection and was graded as ‘good in all areas‘. Our amazing new school building was opened for teaching in September, 2010.

Michael Faraday Primary prides itself on its ethos of treating others as you would like to be treated. We teach the pupils to be proud of themselves and the school community. As well as academic achievement the school aims to give the children a sense of social responsibility and respect for others.

Aims of the school:

The school aims to work with parents to create an environment where everyone feels safe, cared for and supported. We try to establish a school culture based on mutual respect, where children work and play co-operatively.

The school believes in developing confident children with lively, enquiring minds. We want to establish common expectations about the way children behave within our community. Our aim is to encourage all children to achieve their personal best in all areas of school life.

Our commitment to equal opportunities:

The staff at Michael Faraday School value the fact that our children come from varied back-grounds, from different countries, are of different races and religions and that some speak languages other than English. We think this makes us a privileged community.

We encourage everyone to respect and value the rights of others. We consider any behaviour or attitude that threatens these rights as prejudice and we are committed to challenging prejudice wherever it arises.

We do not allow racist name-calling or racial harassment of any kind at this school. We do not want any child or group of children to be made to feel inferior or left out of the life of the school. We want all children in this school to have equal opportunities in their work, their play and relationships, so that they can develop and achieve their full potential.

You can find out more about our school by visiting us on one of our Open Mornings for prospective parents; please contact the school office or check on the website for the next available date.

Thank you for visiting our website – we hope you find it useful!

Karen Fowler, Head Teacher.