Danger! Men at Work!

Farewell old Faraday

Construction work continues apace around the school, ahead of the opening of the brand new Michael Faraday building in September 2010. We are pleased to report that the building work is on schedule. All staff are highly excited about the new teaching opportunities that our new environment will offer the school community in twelve months time.

You may have read about the school making the news over the summer holidays. A diffused World War Two bomb was discovered on site by the construction team! We want to emphasise that the bomb presented no threat to the school, and has now been safely taken away by the police for examination.

The story doesn’t end there however. We are hopeful that the old German bomb will one day make a return to Michael Faraday. World War Two is a major historical topic that our Year 4 children study. It would be wonderful to have the historical artefact as an exhibit around the school. It would also provide a fitting link from the Faraday past to the present.

The next stage in the construction of the new school is for the first foundations to be laid on the site of the old Key Stage 1 building. Attention will then turn towards the demolition of Key Stage 2, ahead of the 2010 completion.

We would like to thank all children and family for their patience during this major period of re-building. We are confident that the minor disruption will have been well worth the trouble, once the next phase in the Michael Faraday story commences.

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