Year 6 Literacy Podcast

Year 6

The children have been introduced to the idea of different genres in literacy lessons this week. We have held class discussions, talking about the different types of books that we all enjoy reading, and then realising that we all have different tastes.

Having named as many genres as we could, we worked out what factors help to make up a particular genre. The children have started to compile an information sheet, showing how they have sorted our favourite books into different genres, and explaining the evidence we used to make these decisions.

You can listen to Yesim and Carly explaining more about our genre work in the podcast below.


One thought on “Year 6 Literacy Podcast

  • September 12, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Well done Carly and Yesim. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast and you both sound very confident in explaining what genres are. I hope you and the rest of year six are settling well into the new school year. Lorna.

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