Misery Moo in Year 2!

Year 2

We have introduced the children to their main class book for the term, Misery Moo. We will be using this text to explore some of the ideas within the story, and then to take these a stage further to produce our own pieces of creative writing.

The children have combined their literacy lessons with drama, acting out the story of Misery Moo and showing the various emotions we can find within the story. We have been concentrating on our listening skills and understanding that we need to pay attention to the story, in order to be able to act it out.

We finished off the week by re-telling the story in visual form in our literacy books. Images of the individual scenes were cut out, and then the children had to place these in chronological order, remembering the sequence in which they appear in the book. We will be writing own words to accompany these pictures next week.

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