New School Update

Site inspection

Progress on the new Michael Faraday School building remains on schedule for our grand opening in September 2010. Visitors to the school have commented on the speed of the construction, and how strange it now seems with the old Key Stage 1 building having been bulldozed to the ground! The foundations are firmly in place for the next phase of the Michael Faraday story.

We thought that this would be an ideal opportunity for the Michael Faraday Architectural Team to take a site inspection, and report back to the rest of the children about how their new school is shaping up. The Architectural Team was formed as soon as funding was secured for the new school. It is made up of members from each year group, each with an interest in the design and future direction of Michael Faraday.

Our team of budding young architects were influential in helping to select the final design for the school, campaigning hard for playground features to be included. We took the team on an afternoon site inspection this week.
The children were introduced to the various departments on site, and were given a briefing about the different roles each worker undertakes. Future careers were planned, with Quantity Surveyors and Land Surveyors proving to be possible career options for our children!

The children were happy to learn that the construction of the new Michael Faraday remains on time and on budget. Their detailed site inspection findings were then relayed back to the rest of the school community during a special assembly on Thursday morning.

We managed to find the time to catch up with a couple of our young architects, to explain all about the site visit, and their future hopes for the new Michael Faraday. You can listen to their thoughts in the podcast below.


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