Year 6 Science Video

Micro-organisms have been under the microscope around Year 6 this week – quite literally! The children have been fascinated with this very practical science topic, learning all about micro-organsims and how they develop.

We found out that micro-organisms grow around germs,” Joe told us. “This is why it is important to always wash your hands after you have used the toilet.”

The children carried out a series of experiments to see what happens to food that is not stored away correctly. Perishables such as bread, cheese and fruit were put inside observation bags, labelled and then left out in the science section of the classroom.

Mould started to form on the bread first,” Carly told us. “Then the cheese started to turn green, and then the fruit went mouldy. Yuk!

We observed the growing advances of mould, using the electro-magniscopes in the classroom. We found that you can’t see the first signs of micro-organisms forming using the naked eye. We also talked about different methods that we use around the home, to help keep away micro-organisms from our food. Freezing, drying, pickling and using tins and packets are all possibilities.

You can watch a video below, where a couple of our Year 6 scientists explain more about their micro-organism research.

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