Faraday Tigers Roar!

Faraday Tigers

The Michael Faraday Tigers football team has been back in action this week, taking the good name of the school across the borough, and challenging some of our friends from nearby schools.

Under expert coaching guidance, a series of team trials were staged for the new school year. Our coaches were scouting for team members who could demonstrate expert football skills, as well as being able to represent Michael Faraday as a brilliant team player.

All of our players approached the trials with the right attitude, and we are pleased to have picked a squad of boys and girls who can represent the good name of the school.

Our first fixture is taking place later in the week at nearby Bacon’s College. Once again we are most grateful to Wilson at Bacon’s, who has been helping us to organise matches with other Southwark schools.

Initially we are playing a series of friendly matches. We are hopeful of entering the Faraday Tigers into a league later on this season.

Come on the Tigers!

One thought on “Faraday Tigers Roar!

  • January 27, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Hope you play well against Grange Primary on Thursday in the semi finals.

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