Year 4 Assembly Video

Year 4 delivered a very powerful and moving assembly to the rest of the school this week. The theme for their presentation was that of Remembrance Day. We explained to the other children why we must always remember those that have lost their lives defending freedom, and how the poppy serves as a symbol for this.

The history of Remembrance Day was explained, looking back to both World Wars, as well as modern days wars such as in Afghanistan. We talked about the suffering of soldiers, and how their tragic deaths allowed our country and society to develop and prosper.

Year 4 looked at the Battle of Flanders. We discussed how out of the horrific carnage and tragedy, a field of beautiful poppies began to grow. This is why we wear a poppy each year, to help us remember the memory of our fallen soldiers.

We concluded the assembly by reading out a piece of war poetry, and then we all watched the final scene from Blackadder Goes Forth. You can watch a video of the wonderful Year 4 assembly above, and listen to the reflections of a selection of the children in the podcast below.


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