Year 6 Radio Reports

Year 6

We have continued our work around Year 6 in looking at different forms of news journalism. Having previously studied TV and print journalism, our attention this week has turned towards radio reporting.

Year 6 listened to a number of radio news reports, identifying some of the key features that are unique to this medium. We learnt how the use of background effects can help add to the overall feel of a broadcast.

The children then went about the task of writing their own radio news reports. We decided to set our reports in the local area of Burgess Park. We came up with the hypothetical scenario of ball games being banned from the park.

Year 6 brainstormed a number of possible characters that could be interviewed during our broadcast. These included local children, parents and Councillors. Using our understanding of how a radio news report needs to put across all sides of a debate, we then went about writing our radio scripts.

The Year 6 Burgess Park reports were then ready to be recorded. Each group entered the school media room, focussing on their vocal style of delivery. We are happy to broadcast the reports in the four podcasts below.

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