Year 2 Transport Trip Video

Year 2 had an amazing day out at the Transport Museum at Covent Garden this week. We have been studying the topic of transport throughout this term. Our trip to the West End was the ideal opportunity to look at transport through the ages at close quarters. We also had the chance to build our own bus!

Sticking with the transport theme, we planned our route using public transport before setting off from SE17. The children researched which bus route would take us into the West End, and where we would need to get off.

Year 2 transport trip

We arrived at the museum, and were given a briefing about the day ahead from Michael, our guide. The morning session was spent exploring all of the amazing forms of transport that are on show at Covent Garden. We were able to find out more about the history of transport in London through the ages, all the way through from horse drawn carriages up until the latest technology used on the tubes.


Many of the exhibits were interactive, allowing us to board the different forms of transport, and experience what it must have felt like to travel on these through the streets of London. A particular favourite was the wonderful lift at the Transport Museum! This was much more than simply a means from getting between different levels. The lift has been themed as a magical time machine. The Year 2 children had great fun going through the different ages and experiencing the sights and sounds as we whizzed up between floors!


After lunch, each class then took part in a brilliant Build a Bus workshop. This was particularly relevant to our work, as we have been learning about how the mechanical components that are needed to make a bus work.

We had a brief chat about the how old busses compared to the modern forms of public transport that we see around us in Walworth. The children were shocked to find out that the first fleet of London busses didn’t have a roof! It was thought at the time that having a heavy rood might make the busses topple over!

Working as a group, we then went about the task of building our very own Year 2 bus, focussing upon the importance of the chassis and the axle. We talked about the different levels on the bus, where the engine is situated and where the driver can sit. You can also watch a video of our bus building session below.

Our Year 2 trip to the Transport Museum finished in appropriate style, with a bus journey back to Michael Faraday! We were blessed with the most amazing sight as our bus took us over the Thames. The mix of sunshine and rain provided a beautiful rainbow, starting off at the dome of St Paul’s, and then stretching across to the West End. This was a truly amazing sight as we crossed over Waterloo Bridge.

A brilliant day out!

Year 2 transport trip

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  • December 22, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    It looks like they had a lovely time at the Transport Museum.

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