Year 2 Model Making Video

Year 2 returned from our recent trip the Transport Museum, inspired by the many splendid vehicles that we saw! So much so that the children decided to design and build a selection of models of the transport on show at the Museum. We started off our work by designing and sketching out what type of transport we wanted to build. The children then thought about the materials that they would need to carry out this task. The building of the models came next, as we tried to match up our designs with what we were making. Old fashioned busses, trains and even ice cream vans featured in the Year 2 transport display! The final step will involve choosing a suitable colour to decorate our wonderful designs with. You can watch a short video of the Year 2 transport builders in action above.

One thought on “Year 2 Model Making Video

  • December 22, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Jimmy’s ice cream van come out really well (he bought it home.)

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