Year 5 Assembly Video

As part of our study and research on the Ancient Greeks, Year 5 put on an assembly for the whole school this week, explaining how a major religious festival was first celebrated during this historical period. We have been learning how the Ancient Greeks persecuted the Jewish people. We retold the story of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. The children acted out the events that led to the lighting of the Menorah lamp.

Our assembly explored the idea of different religious groups being persecuted. We read out some of our ideas that we have produced during literacy lessons, explaining how we might feel if we were told which religion or Gods we had to believe in. The Year 5 assembly concluded by inviting other children throughout the school to light one of the eight candles on the Menorah lamp. We also proudly displayed out Menorah lamp artwork. You can watch a video of the wonderful Year 5 assembly above. We also caught up with a couple of the Year 5 pupils straight after the assembly, and recorded their thoughts in the podcast below.


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