Year 1 Toy Trip Video

We treated the Year 1 children to an end of term trip to the wonderful Museum of Childhood. One of our main topics for this term has been the history of toys. We have been learning about how the toys that we play with at home are very different to those enjoyed by children over the past one hundred years.

The Museum was the perfect opportunity for us to see such wonderful old toys at close quarters. The giant robot proved to be popular amongst the Year 1 children. The old Victorian rocking horse was also an amazing sight.

Back in class and we have been talking about what type of materials are used to make our favourite toys. We have been learning how wood was used for toys such as the rocking horse. Many of our favourite toys are now made out of plastic or metal.

We caught up with three of our Year 1 children as soon as they returned from the Museum of Childhood. You can find out what happened on their big day out by watching the video above.

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