Year 6 Science Video

Our Year 6 scientists have been carrying out a series of experiments to measure the up thrust of various objects in the air and in the water. We used a Newton metre to measure the level of up thrust experienced during our experiment.

We started off our work by forming a hypothesis about what might happen. “I think the weight of the objects in the water will be lighter,” Penny told us.

Our apparatus consisted of a large container of water, a Newton metre and the selection of objects that were to be weighed – a football, a bucket of plasticine, a box of magnetic letters and an apple.

Each item was measured in the air, and then in the water. We took care to take an accurate reading each time from the Newton metre, making sure that there wasn’t any slack during the weighing.

After recording our results, Year 6 concluded by stating that when an object is weighed in the water, it experiences an up thrust, and has a lower reading on the Newton metre. You can watch a short film of our Year 6 scientists in action above.

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