Year 4 Poetry Video

Our literacy work in Year 4 for this term will include a study of different forms of poetry. In particular, the pupils will be exploring the different characteristics found within many poetic styles. We have started off our work by looking at how similes, metaphors and alliteration can add extra value to our written work. We have timed in our study perfectly with all of the South London snow! This was a great springboard in which to inspire the children to come up with their own imaginative ideas.

Working in small groups, we brainstormed ideas and words that we associate with the snow. We then came together as a whole class, and produced the Michael Faraday Year 4 Snow Poem! Many of the words were descriptive, and so we decided to take this a stage further and place in some actions. You can watch a selection of our Year 4 pupils acting out their wonderful work in the video above.

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