Year 5 History Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 have made a great start to their main class topic of Chinese history and culture. We will be working on this study for the first half of the spring term, concluding in timely style with the Chinese New Year, which falls on 14th February. We have linked the research with our study of the Buddhist religion. Using resources such as book and online research, we have found that this is a controversial issue in China.

The children have been learning about the work of the Dalai Lama and his movement for an independent Tibet. We have been holding class discussions about the importance of non-violent protest in Tibet, and how this belief is held strongly within the Buddhist faith.

All of our work on our Chinese topic will be contained in some elaborate folders that the children have been producing. We have decorated these in red and gold, having found out that these are the two primary colours that Chinese people associate with celebration. You can find out more about the Year 5 Chinese topic by listening to some of our pupils explain more in the podcast below.


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