New Faces in Reception


We are pleased to report that the new intake of children in the Reception at Michael Faraday are taking no time at all to settle in! We now have two wonderful Reception classes, with Catherine joining Felicity as our two class teachers. We have been introducing the new children to our school routine, learning about how we play and learn together, and where go to eat our lunch.

We’ve also had time to read a food related book, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears! One of our main themes for this term will be to explore fairytales. We have looked at the ideas in the story, and have talked about the different sizes of big, medium and small. We have used role-play to explore the characters, and then taken this a stage further by writing letters to Goldie Locks, imagining that we are one of the three bears. A wonderful start for the latest members in the Michael Faraday family – welcome!

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