School Council Haiti Appeal Podcast

Haiti appeal

Our esteemed Michael Faraday School Council held a meeting this week to discuss what our school community can do to help the people of Haiti following the devastating earthquake. We have all been incredibly moved watching the images on our TV’s at home. The Council members from across Key Stage 2 decided that the school should try and raise some money to help with the global aid effort.

It was suggested by one of our Councillors that maybe we should hold a jumble sale to generate some funds. This was agreed upon by the School Council, and we have now set a date of Friday 29th January for the Michael Faraday Haiti Aid Jumble Sale. Our Councillors believe that this is the ideal time of year in which to collect items to sell. If you have any unwanted Christmas presents, either for children or for adults, our School Council will gladly take these off your hands to sell on. Please bring any donations to the school office.

We look forward to seeing the whole school community turning out on Friday 29th January at 2pm to raise some funds. You can listen to further details on the School Council decision in the podcast below.


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