Year 3 Cooking Video

Healthy Eating has been our main topic in Year 3 for the first few weeks of the new term. We have been learning about the different food groups, and how in moderation, each food group can helps us to grow healthy. We put the theory to the test, and set about designing a healthy meal for Year 3 to prepare, cook and eat. We decided upon a delicious menu of a chicken kebab, served with rice and a side salad with pitta bread. The chicken contains protein to keep us strong, the rice is a carbohydrate to provide us with energy and the various fruit and veg in the salad will help keep away diseases. Working in small groups, each child spent an afternoon of cooking in the School House kitchen. We washed our hands first, and then started the task of food preparation. You can follow the whole story in the Year 3 video above. Tasty!

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