Year 4 Museum Video

Year 4 enjoyed a day out at the nearby Imperial War Museum this week. We have been learning in class all about World War Two, and in particular, what the period was like for children of our age. Much of our work has concentrated on the evacuation of London children to the countryside during World War Two. We have been talking in class about how this must have felt, and have produced some written work expressing our feelings.

Our class trip to the War Museum was themed in with the evacuation topic. Year 4 experienced an incredible exhibit, which re-creates the look, sound and even the smell of an old War World Two air raid shelter! We took part in a mock air raid, and experienced as first hand what this period in history must have been like. We are following up this work in class by building our very own Anderson Shelters. You can watch a couple of our Year 4 children explain more about their big day out in the video above.

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