Year 5 Minibook Project

Year 5

We are incredibly pleased and proud to announce an amazing brand new ICT project at Michael Faraday School. All of our Year 5 pupils will be given a minibook to take home and use for their schoolwork and research. These high end Asus machines are the latest minibook models. They are more powerful than most home laptops!

The funding behind the scheme has come from Southwark Council. The aim is to make our pupils be able to work independently in the home environment. We held a meeting at the school last week for all Year 5 family and pupils. Many thanks to all of the adults who were able to attend.

Our school ICT team has carefully planned this project for a number of months. We understand that there may be security concerns in giving our pupils this hardware. The machines have the usual security blocks in place. Year 5 will only be able to access the online sites that we give access to the pupils to at school. Social networking sites such as Facebook have been blocked. Secure passwords will also be in place.

We view this move as extremely encouraging and a further step in allowing our pupils to engage with the school curriculum online. Michael Faraday School is also currently in talks to extend the scheme to families throughout the school who may be on a low income. All that we ask in return is a nominal fee of £10. This will pay towards the insurance of the minibooks. You can listen to a selection of our very excited Year 5 pupils eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new minibooks in the podcast below.


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