Year 5 Chinese Research

Year 5

Our main class topic of China has been combined with our language work in Year 5 this week. The children have been learning some basic Chinese phrases, as well as looking at the history of language in the great continent.

We found out that there are three main languages spoken in China,” Bo told us. “Mandarin, Cantonese and Wu.” We have researched the spread of these languages, and how they compare to the other major languages spoken around the world. We have produced a language graph, displaying how many million people speak each language.

Our China topic has also had a geography element to it. We have looked at the major cities in the country, as well as finding our which nations border China. All of this Chinese work has proven to be very useful. Year 5 had a visit from Karen this week, the Head Teacher at Michael Faraday. Karen has been invited by the British Council to visit China, and to speak at a conference of education experts about the outstanding work that we carry out all around Michael Faraday. Ahead of her visit in a couple of months, Karen was keen to find out as much information about the country from Year 5.

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