Year 6 Maths Week Podcast

Year 6

Year 6 have been incredibly busy helping other pupils around the school during Maths Week. This annual event is a celebration of all the maths work that we learn at Michael Faraday. The theme for this year was ‘investigation.’ Our Year 6 pupils played a major role in running the Maths Fair in the drama hall, as well as visiting the children in other classes to set various maths puzzles and challenges.

Our investigation work for Maths Week in Year 6 has been to look at different problem solving strategies. We set the pupils three different tasks to try and resolve. Joe’s Cafe involved investigating logic when trying to work out the eating habits in the cafe. The second investigation was based on trying to find the least number of moves for a car to use when reversing out of a garage. We used a large grid to help keep track of the movements. The Michael Faraday Flower Bed Challenge was a task set to find the largest space to plant some flowers in the playground using a set number of logs.

All three of these investigations required the pupils to think of their own strategy in which to solve the puzzle. We used methods such as plotting data in charts, looking for patterns or putting to use our knowledge of mathematical formula. You can listen to a couple of our Year 6 mathematicians explaining more about the Flower Bed challenge in the podcast below. Many thanks to Leanne and all of Year 6 for staging such a successful Maths Week.


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