Year 1 Signs & Symbols

Year 1

Our ICT work in Year 1 this week has involved recognising different signs and symbols. We have been thinking about different examples of these around our local area, and then working out what each sign or symbol is telling us. The children have been researching street names, fire exits and no smoking signs. We played a game on the school computers that involved the children matching up the signs and symbols with the correct words. We then held a class discussion where the children considered the differences between word signs and picture signs.

One thought on “Year 1 Signs & Symbols

  • May 29, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Nice work. Stumbled over this when researching on signs and symbols for my grade one class. it’s a broad topic and i just wanted to create a simple slide show for them. we teach it under another subject but this has inspired me to share it with our ICT teacher. Kudos!

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