Year 3 Assembly Video

Year 3 staged a wonderful assembly this week, with the aim of encouraging the other children in the school to help make Michael Faraday even more environmentally friendly. We are very proud of the official Eco status of our school, yet we want to aim higher and achieve the Silver status Eco award. To achieve this, we need everyone in the Michael Faraday family to contribute to our cause.

Our Year 3 assembly offered suggestions to the children as to what we can all do as individuals to reach this goal. Working in pairs, the children have been coming up with suggestions that will help to make the school eco friendly. We displayed our posters putting across these thoughts. The Year 3 messages included walking or cycling to school, turning off taps and lights, growing our own fruit and veg and not dropping litter.

Some of the Year 3 children showed a selection of gifts that also had a common link. These included a wooden spoon, a wooden bowl, some fruit and some olive oil. We asked the other children in the school what the connection was. A number of children correctly answered that all of these gifts come from the rain forest. This is why we need to help preserve the environment.

You can watch a short video clip from the Year 3 Eco assembly above, or catch up with the thoughts of some of the children in the podcast below.


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