Nursery NY Celebrations


We have been busy decorating the Nursery this week with many wonderful Chinese New Year decorations. The children have greatly enjoyed making their own paper dragons and lanterns. We have also been practising our handwriting skills, by writing a selection of both English and Chinese letters. The Nursery children have made some Chinese New Year celebration cards, combining our handwriting with some drawings to decorate the front of the cards.

This has been a highly successful start for our new children who have joined us in the Nursery since the Christmas break. We are incredibly pleased at the ease in which our new friends have been able to settle into the Michael Faraday school routine. After the half term break, the next topic in the Nursery is going to be all about buildings. This is brilliant timing, with the new Michael Faraday School currently being built! We are planning a site visit, and we hope to find out all about how houses or places of work are built.

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