Year 4 D & T Video

Year 4 took part in a science workshop this week as part of our topic of looking at electrical circuits. We learnt about how a circuit needs to be complete for the electricity to flow, as well as researching which materials make good conductors or insulators. Each class member made his or her own circuit, building in a switch that turns a light bulb on and off.

We decided to combine this science experimentation with our current history project looking at life in London during World War 2. We produced a landscape picture of the Blitz scene. The children then built a circuit behind their image, with an orange bulb being used to great effect to show the effect of a fire breaking out during the Blitz. You can watch a video featuring one of our young scientists explaining more about his fine work above.

One thought on “Year 4 D & T Video

  • December 24, 2010 at 11:50 am

    Love your video – a great example of pupil’s explaining their knowledge gained plus a super use of cross curricular work. As its on the web I assume it would be OK if I highlighted this to other teachers?

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