Bonjour, Year 5!

Year 5

Year 5 took part in an English / French exchange trip this week. We were thrilled to welcome our friends from the Louis Pasteur School in France. Year 5 have been writing letters to the pupils at Louis Pasteur, explaining about our home and family life, as well as what it is like to attend school in England. Our friends from France are currently in London, as part of a week long trip. Whilst they had some spare time, we took the opportunity to meet up by Tower Bridge!

Our Year 5 pupils made a welcome sign, written in French, so that our friends would be able to recognise us. We also brought along a cultural gift with a very local significance – a serving of Walworth’s finest jellied eels!

Just ahead of the exchange, we spoke with a selection of our Year 5 pupils to find out what their expectations were. You can listen to their thoughts in the podcast below.


All of our hopes and ambitions from the brief meet up with our French friends were satisfied. The afternoon was a splendid success! Our welcome sign worked wonders, and soon we were talking in English and French with the pupils from Louis Pasteur. The jellied eels were definitely a conversation starter!

Football proved to be a common ground, with pupils telling each other which teams we supported. It was also wonderful to find out that may of the home countries that our children are from, are also the home countries for some of the Louis Pasteur children. We finished off playing a game of tag, before bidding a fond au revoir and promising to keep in touch.

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