Nursery Wormery Video!

The Nursery children have combined our class topic of looking at life cycles with Science Week. We have set up our very own wormery in the Nursery! This is an idea that came from some of the Nursery children, who have greatly enjoyed learning about how minibeasts grow. Phil very kindly brought some worms in from his garden at home. We put in place different layers of sand and soil, to help the worms dig around in their new home.

The children have been taking it in turns to feed the worms. We have learnt how worms enjoy eating the fruit and veg that we normally throw away. We are using our Nursery wormey as an investigation project. Using magnifying glasses, we are recording any growth that we see in the worms. Each child has written about our wonderful wormery in their class investigation books. You can watch the Nursery worms being fed in the video above!

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