Year 2 Science Podcast


Our science work in Year 2 has been to study the rain forest and the various animals that live within. We have been learning about the different layers that can be found in this type of environment, starting with the rain forest floor, and then moving all the way up to the top with the rain forest canopy. We have encouraged the children to think about what type of animals might live on the floor, and why some animals may be better suited to living towards the top of the canopy.

Year 2 have been researching in detail more about the toucan, the tiger money and sloth. This is a challenging, but very rewarding topic for our Year 2 pupils. We have encountered many new words during our research. We decided that it would be a great idea to keep a rain forest dictionary. Each time that we discover a new word, we add in a dictionary entry. You can listen to a couple of our Year 2 pupils talking all about their current science topic in the podcast below.


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