Year 4 St George Assembly

Year 4 helped the whole school to celebrate St George’s Day this week by staging an assembly looking at the legend of the Patron Saint of England. We explained how St George is also celebrated in many other countries, including Portugal, Russia and Bosnia. We have been researching in class the main story involving St George, and how and why he killed the dragon. Our assembly re-enacted this story, and we then went on to discuss if the story was factual, or myth.

We linked in the celebration of St George on 23rd April with the birthday of William Shakespeare, another highly important character within English culture. Year 4 invited other children in the assembly to think of their favourite Shakespeare play, and then offer a short description of the plot. We concluded our assembly by asking what is the main message that we can draw from the story of St George. The suggestion of good winning over evil, is central to the story of St George.

You can listen to these themes explained in greater detail in the podcast below.


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