School Council Update

School Council

The esteemed Michael Faraday School Council held a meeting this week, to discuss some of the issues that lay ahead of the opening of the new school in September. Our democratically elected Councillors meet with the Head Teacher every two weeks, to help generate ideas for future school policy.

On the agenda this week was school uniform and school dinners. There is currently a debate amongst the Councillors about making school uniform compulsory. The official school line is to encourage children to wear school uniform, although it is not yet compulsory. Some Councillors believe that the opening of the new school would be a great opportunity to design a new school uniform, and then possibly make it compulsory.

The debate regarding school dinners is centred on how we can improve these even further. We are incredibly proud of our healthy school status at Michael Faraday, but once again, a new school presents new opportunities. You can listen to a selection of our Michael Faraday school Councillors putting across their views in the podcast below.


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