Year 6 SATS Podcast

Year 6

Year 6 are deep in revision and preparation ahead of our SATS tests, which start on May 10th. The pupils have been steadily building up to SATS for the past six months, and so we are confident that everyone is relaxed ahead of SATS weeks. Michael Faraday has been offering after school booster clubs in maths, literacy and science, for the pupils that perhaps need a little extra help to obtain the fantastic results that we know that they are capable of achieving.

We have been practising with previous papers in class, and then marking our own work, to get an indication of what our strengths are. The BBC Revise Wise DVD’s are also proving to be very helpful. We will be offering a SATS breakfast club for Year 6 during the big week. All pupils are invited to have an energy boosting drink, some sandwiches and some fruit, ahead of the tests. As you can hear from the podcast with a selection of our Year 6 pupils below – all is calm!


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