Reception Ugly Bug Ball!


The highlight of the week in Reception was the Ugly Bug Ball! Having looked at mini beasts as our main class topic for this term, we brought out work to a close with the staging of a grand ball. All of the children designed and made their own costumes. We chose our favourite mini beast, and then thought about what colours we could use in our costumes.

Our Ugly Bug Ball also had a very practical element – the releasing of the beautiful Reception butterflies! We have been observing and taking care of some caterpillars over the past few weeks. The children have been learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar, and how they grow to become butterflies. The timing of the Mini Bug Ball took place just as the butterflies were ready to fly away. We chose a spot in Burgess Park that was close to some flowers, so that the butterflies would have the ideal environment in which to live.



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