Year 6 Portfolios

Year 6

Year 6 have been combining work on the prestigious end of year play with the preparation work for their secondary school portfolios. With most of the script for the production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now complete, our budding young actors have been busy learning their lines. We have spent most of the week staging auditions. Competition is incredibly tough! The play has many characters, all requiring different abilities. We will be able to find a suitable role for all of our Year 6 pupils. The results of the audition will be announced at the end of the week. This leaves half term week to learn the lines!

Our portfolio project in Year 6 involves putting together the work that we are most proud of. This will then be taken to our secondary schools, and used in September to show our new teachers what type of outstanding work we are capable of. The work selected for each pupil is unique, covering traditional subjects such as maths, literacy and science, as well as some of the more creative projects that we have been working on this year. A selection of our Year pupils explain more in the podcast below.


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