Year 4 Assembly Video

Healthy eating was the subject of the fantastic Year 4 assembly that was staged this week. We wanted to put this important message across to all the other children in the school, as well as explaining exactly how and why Michael Faraday has been awarded the prestigious Healthy School status.

Our assembly started off with a piece of drama. A number of the children acted out a conversation, to try and find out what is meant by having a balanced diet. We gave details of the four main food groups, and answered questions about why a balance between different types of food is so essential for our growth.

We then recited a poem all about healthy eating. The message here was to try and think about how we can fit a healthy diet into our busy school day. The children mentioned the wonderful school meals that we are served each day, and we pointed out the different food groups in each meal.

The Year 4 assembly was finished off with some artwork being displayed of our own favourite food, as well as an explanation as to why we have made these choices. You can watch a video of the assembly above, or catch up with a couple of our Year 4 healthy eaters in the podcast below.


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