Year 3 Elephant Parade Video

Year 3 have been out on a grand elephant hunt around London this week! We took the children to the West End to have a look at the Elephant Parade. We wanted to try and find as many of the public pieces of art as possible, and then look at how each elephant has been decorated. There is a very local connection as well – we found out during our trip that all of the elephants were originally painted at a shop in the nearby Elephant and Castle shopping centre!

The Year 3 children spent some time sketching the elephants that we could see in Leicester Square. We are going to continue with this work back in class, and develop the theme to become a sculpture project. We will be making our own Michael Faraday Elephant Parade, and help to raise the cause of the endangered Asian elephants. A selection of our children from Year 3 explains more in the video above.




One thought on “Year 3 Elephant Parade Video

  • June 17, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Well done! This is a very special project. My daughter Azmarea (reception) managed to take photos with all 258 elephants!

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