Year 2 Great Fire of London


Year 2 have started their Great Fire of London topic this week. This will take us through until the end of the term, and will involve both a historical and literacy based approach to the subject. We have started our work by researching the main events within the Great Fire, and then putting these into sequence and producing a timeline. The children have been amazed at how quickly the fire spread, and how it changed our city forever. Year 2 have produced a piece of written work adding in the detail to the events in sequence.

We will be developing this work over the next few weeks, adding in a drama element and thinking about the feelings and emotions for the people caught up in the Great Fire. The children will be taking on different roles, and explaining to the rest of the class how the fire has impacted on their character. You can catch up with some of the wonderful Year 2 work in the podcast below.


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