Year 5 Southwark Splash

Year 5 have been focussing on their final preparations ahead of the prestigious Southwark Splash performance. This is a music and acting based project that will take place at the Royal Festival Hall on 30th June. We have been working with the festival director and other schools, with the main theme for the show being Through the Stars and Beyond.

Our actors have been making their own costumes this week. Many of the Michael Faraday performers are taking on the role of stars. We wanted to create some unique costumes that reflected our own imagination. Our friends from Southwark Splash kindly donated the materials, and we have been designing and producing our own costumes within class this week. A selection of our Year 5 actors explains more in the video above.

Meanwhile the Michael Faraday choir has been practising hitting the high notes ahead of taking to the stage at the Royal Festival Hall. We have been holding a series of rehearsals within school, trying to perfect our pitch and key. You can listen to a brief clip from one of the sessions in the podcast below.


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