Year 2 Sorting and Variation

Year 2

As part of our science and maths work, Year 2 have been learning about variation this week. We have been sorting plants and animals into different groups. The children have been asking what is similar and what is different when comparing the subjects that we are sorting. We have been learning that although plants have similar features such as roots and leaves, they are all also different in areas such as colour or size.

We extended this theme in Year 2 to think about what is similar and what is different amongst the members of the class. We are all children at Michael Faraday School, but each one of us is unique. We have different coloured hair, eyes and skin colour. The children in Year 2 are all a different size as well. We have been playing a sorting game amongst our friends, to help us with our study of variation. You can listen to a couple of our Year 2 pupils playing the game in the podcast below.


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