Year 5 Splash Podcast

Year 5

Year 5 put on an amazing performance this week on stage at the Royal Festival Hall as part of the Southwark Splash festival. This is a music and drama project that our pupils have been working on throughout the summer term. It explores the theme of Through the Stars and Beyond, re-telling the famous Icarus story in a space-themed setting. Our actors have been learning their parts and designing their costumes now for many weeks. The Year 5 choir pupils have had regular rehearsals with the director of Southwark Splash.

It was an incredibly tiring but ultimately rewarding day at the Royal Festival Hall. We arrived shortly before 10am, and were able to take up our places on the stage of the Royal Festival Hall for the first time. We had a final run through of the production, making sure that everyone felt comfortable on the big stage. Our evening performance was spectacular! There were many extra-added stage effects that even the pupils weren’t expecting! Year 5 performed to a packed Royal Festival Hall audience, and received a standing ovation come the end of the show. A group of our pupils explain more about their big day out in the podcast below.


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