Year 6 Cycling Video

Our Year 6 pupils have greatly enjoyed their practical safe cycling sessions that we have taken part in this week. Working with some professional cycling instructors funded by Southwark Council, our pupils have been taken out on the local roads to put into practise the skills and knowledge that we have been learning about in the classroom. This is part of a National Standard Cycle Safety scheme. Our sessions in Year 6 have covered Levels 1 and 1, addressing safe bicycle handling and feeling comfortable on urban roads.

The cycling instructors have introduced our pupils to skills such as being aware at all times of the traffic that is around you, and how to best position yourself on a bicycle when you come to a road junction. We have also covered areas such as the importance of wearing a helmet and how to anticipate what might happen around you on the road. A team of our Year 6 cyclists explain more in the video above.

Year 6

Year 6

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