Year 3 Topics and Trips

Year 3

We a very excited about teaching Year 3 all about the Tudors as part of their main class topic for this term. This is a fantastic time period to be studying, with many opportunities to combine drama and literacy with our topic work. We will be taking year 3 out on a number of school trips to help them with their topic. We plan to go to the Greenwich Maritime Museum, as well as the National Portrait Gallery to look at a number of historic Tudor portraits.

Language will also be a major theme for this new term. Year 3 will be taking part in a fantastic project organised by the British Council. We want to exchange ideas and information with schools in other countries, all about the cultural impact of staging major sporting tournaments. With London 2012 almost upon us, Year 3 will be able to communicate directly with children in South Africa, France and Australia, to see what kind of legacy these major events leave in their country. This project is also technology based, with the children creating their own web pages to help pass on this information, as well as exchanging audio messages with our friends in different countries.

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